Dentures - Full of Partial

  • Our Dentures can provide a fast and affordable solution for anyone that has gone through the misfortune of multiple or total tooth loss due to disease, trauma, or decay. Dentures are removable, synthetic teeth created in a lab based on the patient's actual teeth, oral structure, and tooth and jawbone structure, as well as the patient's facial structure. This is all done so you can experience optimal comfort, functionality, and cosmetic appeal.



    You'd be surprised just how many people's hands you have shook, noticed their perfect smile, and were completely unaware they had been fitted with a full set of upper and lower dentures. Our Dentures, are designed, created, and fitted with exceptional and professional care to be more natural looking than you can imagine. You'll be smiling all day because you know that the dentures you had created at our office are a true work of art, and it shows!

    Poorly designed dentures not only look unnatural but can also be extremely uncomfortable and often times painful. This results in multiple trips back to the dentist to correct the problems. Whether you need a full set of dentures or a partial set because you have lost a couple teeth in an accident, we want you to know that your Dentures are created with a standard of excellence that has become expected from Dossett Dental dentists. You can be sure your dentures will offer:

    • Beautiful Cosmetic Appearance - Imagine a mouthful of severely decayed, broken, misshapen, and infected teeth being replaced by a white, bright, and perfect smile

    • Affordability - Multiple or total tooth loss replacement using therapies such as dental implants or bridge work can oftentimes be impractical for a number of reasons, not the least of which can be the far greater cost


    Why not make today the day you decide to contact Dossett Dental for a no-cost consultation to learn if dentures are the right solution for you? We make it easy for you to stop in by providing six office locations that include Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Hurst, Frisco, and Coppell. For your added convenience, we provide Saturday and evening office hours, which means there's nothing really stopping you from learning about the perfect smile we can put on your face!