Root Canals

  • When it comes to our personal appearance, is there anything more important than our smile? At Dossett Dental, we don't think so. We're in the business of creating bright and attractive, but, more importantly, healthy smiles because good oral health is essential to our overall well-being. To ensure that our patient's receive optimal dental care, we provide a full spectrum of preventative and treatment therapies, one of which is known as a root canal.

    A root canal is a procedure designed to prevent the loss of a tooth that is badly decayed or otherwise compromised to the point where the pulp (the soft, inner material of a tooth) has been damaged and/or the tooth's nerve has become infected. Since neither the nerve or the pulp are needed for normal tooth function or long-term viability, both are removed during a root canal procedure, and then the tooth is permanently sealed to prevent future infections. What are the advantages of a root canal?

    • Prevents Tooth Loss - In many cases, root canal therapy is the only procedure that will prevent the eventual extraction of the tooth

    • Highly Effective - Finally, at last, that excruciating toothache and recurrent infections are gone - root canal therapy ensures complete relief

    • A Permanent Solution - Once a tooth's nerve has been removed, that tooth can remain pain-free for life

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    In the mind of millions of Americans, root canals have always been linked to excruciating pain - a much dreaded three day ordeal (now typically done in one) that made the discomfort of any other dental procedure pale by comparison. This common perception has always puzzled dentists because nothing could be further from the truth. Even prior to today's practice of virtually pain-free dentistry, a root canal typically offered no more discomfort than a cavity repair.

    At Dossett Dental, regardless of the procedure, we use the very latest dental techniques and applications of anesthesia to ensure a patient's complete comfort throughout the session. To learn more about root canals and pain- free dentistry, contact Dossett Dental and schedule a no-cost consultation at any one of our six locations that include Dallas, Hurst, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Coppell. We know you have a busy schedule, and for your convenience, we offer Saturday and (thank goodness) evening office hours, too. So, go ahead. . .give us a great big smile!