Teeth Whitening


  • You've taken excellent care of your teeth - regular exams, cleaning, polishing, and treatment therapies have all combined to provide you with optimal oral health. Everyone says you have the most cheerful smile. What more could you ask for? Well, you're thinking, if only those teeth were just a little whiter. . .
    At Dossett Dental, we can do far more than make your teeth just a little whiter. We offer a variety of tooth whitening treatments - one to suit any budget - that provide multiple shades of whitening for a significantly brighter smile. For those who seek instant gratification, we recommend with confidence the patented ZOOM! tooth whitening system that produces its dramatic results in less than an hour - no other truly effective, immediate results tooth whitening system exists.


    The ZOOM! tooth whitening system relies on a specially formulated bleaching gel we apply directly to the teeth to be whitened. Once the gel is in place, heat and light from a ZOOM! lamp will be directed to the mouth in order to activate the gel for maximum performance. This procedure is repeated two more times for a total of three applications that take approximately 15 minutes each. After the third whitening treatment, the teeth are rinsed and the procedure is complete. In less than an hour, an average of 8 shades of whitening will have been achieved. The teeth whitening treatment is easily and comfortably completed without anesthesia, and side-effects are minimal and generally consist of increased sensitivity that will subside from within a few hours to a few days (in the latter case, a desensitizing toothpaste is recommended for temporary use).

     teeth whitening


    We want your cheerful smile to be all that it can be, and we're certain that you want the same. Contact Dossett Dental and arrange for a free consultation about your tooth whitening or any other dental services you need. We make it easy for you to find us with our six office locations that include Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, Hurst, Plano, and Coppell. And because of your hectic schedule, we offer Saturday and evening office hours. Exceptional results and ultra-convenience - what's stopping you from letting us put a whiter and brighter smile on your face?

    ***Clinical examination required. Zoom can only be performed in the absence of periodontal disease and active decay.